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The vehicle was available in many variants both for people and goods transport. Weights were again increased, with the following designations for all-up weight: Ducato 30 3 tonnes , Ducato 33 3.

Fiat Ducato Maxi User Manual

Peugeot Manager[ edit ] This third generation Ducato has been available in Mexico since 15 November , and over 30 different models are available. Since the bankruptcy of Chrysler and subsequent acquisition by Fiat, Chrysler has not offered a large van in the United States or Canada. Dodge Trucks the brand name used by Chrysler prior to the inception of the Ram brand had offered a version of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van starting in , and earlier the Dodge Ram Van.

электрическая fiat схема ducato

Based on the Ducato, the most significant difference between the ProMaster and the Ducato is the availability of a 3. Types of body configurations[ edit ] Cargo Van: This is the standard configuration of the ProMaster. This configuration is usually used for delivery and sometimes for outside broadcasting.

It is also the standard model for ambulances. It is available in all sizes.

Fiat Ducato

Unlike most full size vans, which have seats already installed for passenger use when they are sold, the ProMaster window or glazed van does not have rear seats. However, it can be converted into a passenger van before or after sale. Buyers and dealers choose the configuration for the van.

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It can be configured for personal, shuttle, taxi, school bus, church bus, or hotel bus use. It can also be used as a law enforcement transporter. It also can be used as a cargo van, The window van is available as a high-roofed model in and chassis. The chassis-cab is used as a flatbed truck and a box van. The box van can be used as a street vending van, an ambulance, or a delivery van. Cutaway van chassis versions are traditionally used for motor homes.

Ducato 4x4 Expedition

As of April , Ram does not manufacture a passenger van for the full-size van segment. Previous estimates surmised that a passenger version of the Promaster would reach dealerships in North America in early fall This model could initially be used as a limo. It could also be used as a family van.

While the Promaster passenger van will come in different sizes and roof configurations, the default version of this van will likely be the chassis, similar to the Nissan NV.

ducato схема fiat электрическая

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