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icom bmw инструкция

I was helping another person, but i thought this info might help others out there trying to make sense of NCS Expert. I found lots of guides that just shows you what buttons to press or ones that are too complicated for a layman not a programmer to really understand.

If I said anything wrong, experts please chime in and correct me.

Genuine ICOM NEXT A Interface New generation BMW ICOM NEXT A+B without C module and Fiber

I am not responsible for you blowing up your car or damaging your modules. I am only going to elaborate on coding individual parameters, you can go learn how to code entire modules thru the VO later once you learn the basics below. Why is it called ZCS you ask?

bmw инструкция icom

On some cars its written elsewhere. Why is it written into two places? The stuff below is basically identical however for individual parameter coding. Now go get into the basics of coding.

bmw инструкция icom

When you load NCS expert, you need to load a profile. These profiles just change how ncs expert behaves when you read your car.

BMW ICOM Next A+B+C New Generation of ICOM A2 Firmware 1.4.0

Once it does this, it will ask you to select a module. This is your VO. Now that NCS Expert knows it, it can code your car properly! Well… It has no bearing!! For all intents and purposes this is referred to by me as the vehicle order or ZCS for a pre car.

icom ABC2 Diagnostic tool

The steps to add items to your VO and code your modules is different and i wont comment on that here, because it will confuse the amateur. Just understand the basics of individual coding first, then coding from your VO will all make sense later. The next part is to download your factory settings in your car to your PC. For example LSZ light switch module.

icom bmw инструкция

Once you do this, it will say only LSZ and not all the modules in your car. Once selected it will confirm this by indicating the module and job type on the screen. Now you are ready.

icom bmw инструкция

It will say Coding Activ, then Coding Ended. TXT or some crap like that, it wont work properly. OK why all this juggling??

Инструкция icom bmw видео

Regardless of what module you read in your car, this is what the filename will be. And everytime you load NCS expert, this file is constantly erased, written and re-written. MAN so we can alter it safely without our copy being overwritten. MAN with a text editor. You will see a long list of stuff like this..

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